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digital signage widgets and apps header image
The following apps are available by default when editing a playout:
diva digital and analog clocks
diva media app
diva text app
diva ticker app
diva rss news app
diva message app
diva date app
diva weather app
diva qr code app
All the widgets you need.

From displaying event timetables sourced via Excel or Google Sheets, to fully engaging your customers with live financial, Twitter, and Instagram feeds – it’s your call. All the widgets are included in our award-winning Elementi software at no additional cost and work together with our HMPs -  the most reliable and secure digital signage players on the market. Bringing added value through digital signage has never been more integrated and accessible.

Let’s bring your story to life. One widget at a time.

The following collections of widgets are included into Elementi widget library: